Reckless Escapades & Maruxa Lynd Malaysian Hip Hop Hitz FM Artists

Exclusive Interview: Hitz FM Top 10 Malaysian Hip Hop Couple Talks about Success, Being Asian and the Future of Asian Hip Hop Part I

Such an incredible experience getting to know Malaysian Hip Hop artists Maruxa Lynd and Reckless Escapades. Their songs Say a Prayer‘, ‘In the Clouds‘ and Reckless Escapades’ latest single, ‘Call 911‘ has topped the charts on Hitz FM Malaysian English Top 10.

This talented couple used music to connect with each other and the world. From production, filming, editing and lyrics they have produced some chart hitting singles together and have reached audiences around the globe.

Where are you guys from? Where are you based?

MARUXA LYND: I’m from the Philippines and Reckless is Malaysian from Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia. I moved to Malaysia when I was 7 and have been based in Kuala Lumpur ever since.

How have your surroundings shaped your music and in what way/s?

MARUXA: Growing up in a Pinoy household, my early days of discovering music was purely the oldies. Lionel Richie, Neil Sedaka, The Beatles, Bread, Bee Gees cause those were the things that my mom and dad would play and sing during house karaoke sessions (like every other Pinoy household especially during parties!). I also had my Latina phase growing up and yo no cap, it’s the cumbia, bachata kind cuz my mom who taught Spanish at a local uni was also working together frequently with the Colombian embassy here in KL [Kuala Lumpur] so we’d get Colombian food, coffee and everything else at home and then when I entered secondary school (that’s middle school in the US), it was all hip-hop n RnB for me. I had my indie/folk & metalcore phase too but nothing stuck to me like Hip-Hop/RnB but because I was in an alt-indie band, I could say that it definitely made me into someone who can adjust into different genres. My collab with other Malaysian artists are all in different genres. People might hate me for saying this but my versatility is what makes me special. Teehee!

RECKLESS ESCAPADES: My surroundings definitely play a huge role in the type of music I make. I lived in the US for 4 years from 2008 till 2012, specifically in Boston and New York. During the Fall and Winter seasons, when making beats I would pick sounds that matched the moods of those seasons like keys/synths that sound cold, icy, dark and gloomy. In America I also discovered how certain music hit me harder in specific seasons, like how Drake’s So Far Gone mixtape or Kanye’s 808s and Heartbreak sounded so perfect in wintertime. Recently, I made the beat for In the Clouds when I was in the Philippines. The island vibes are definitely felt all over the beat, the music came out sounding so tropical, so sunny, and I love that!

During the Fall and Winter seasons, when making beats I would pick sounds that matched the moods of those seasons like keys/synths that sound cold, icy, dark and gloomy.

How did you come up with your name? What does Reckless Escapades mean?

RECKLESS: I came up with the name Reckless Escapades in 2015, it was a real dark time in my life. I was working a job that I hated so much, so I did reckless shit to escape mentally from the hell I was in. I won’t go into further details of what the things I did to escape were, but you get the rough idea. At the end of that year I quit my job, and started my own business running a music production company / record label called Goldensound Studios, which I am still doing and growing my small business till this day. I knew it was an odd name for a hip-hop artist, but when I saw other artists with unusual names like Wintertime and Wifisfuneral, I knew Reckless Escapades was a good name for me that I was gonna stick with for good.

How did you guys meet?

MARUXA: Ouu let me answer this one too! You know that whole six degrees of separation thing. Well, it couldn’t be more relevant when it came to our story. Since he got into the music scene earlier, by the time he left to the US to pursue his studies in Boston, it was around the same time I got into the scene. We have mutual friends but we NEVER EVER met because by the time he came back from the US, he wasn’t really hanging out in gigs where I was usually hangin around. I guess it wasn’t the time yet until last year. We met a year ago. At a club event that I organized called Asian Connection (it was my way of connecting regional hip-hop acts around SEA) and he approached one of my close friend to link – up with a Malaysian hip-hop collective called Lawalah Familia who he was helping out at that time (he produced one of their EP which was a collaboration with Boston’s N.B.S ). I was also managing Reckless’ cousin DJ Hooligang at that time and he was telling me about how dope his cousin’s music is and that was the same night he told me they were related. Hooligang then made me listen to Reckless’ song at that time called “Therapy” and I felt that “ZING” instantly. Safe to say I fell in love with his voice and music first haha!

I was working a job that I hated so much, so I did reckless shit to escape mentally from the hell I was in.

I felt like Beyonce and right at that moment, I knew he was my Hov.

How did you both get into the music scene together?

MARUXA: For the both of us, it’s safe to say that being in independent bands laid out our path in the Malaysian music scene. Reckless had an early start with his band getting radio plays when they were in high-school. Only the true scene kids in Malaysia knows that his band Throne Away inspired other successful Malaysian rock bands like An Honest Mistake!  When we started talking a year back, it was actually his cousin DJ Hooligang that got us into making music together. We released a Christmas themed track called “Ho Ho Hoe” last December and it was the beginning of our musical journey together.

RECKLESS: I started out in the rock scene at 14 years old first in a band called Moodswings then I moved onto a band called Throne Away. I got into the hip-hop scene heavy when I was studying at Berklee College Of Music in Boston, MA. At that time I would start buying magazines like XXL, Vibe, The Source which were not available or super rare to find in Malaysia. Aside from those magazines, I was heavy into reading the rap blogs daily like 2DopeBoyz, Nah Right and AllHipHop. In 2010, that was the DatPiff era of free mixtapes which was a gold mine for me to find tons of new artists. My love for rap made me want to be a beatmaker so I enrolled in the Music Production & Engineering major at Berklee. I started off just making beats and engineering for my rap and R&B artists friends in college. Then I did an internship for college credit for an independent label called Big Bang Records in Cambridge, MA as an audio engineer at their project studio. The label had artists like Virtuoso and N.B.S. (Natural Born Spitters), guys that did boom bap rap really well. Being around the Big Bang crew in their studio that was converted from a garage for 4 months was a crash course in living the rap life. It took many years after that for me to get on the mic and rap, cos for awhile I was comfortable in being a behind the scenes guy working in the recording studio.
MARUXA: Just to add to that note, when we were in the beginning of our dating phase, we had this conversation on Whatsapp where I was sharing with him my goals in music and I was feeling a lil down that day and he said “how bout we make hits and history” and tbh, I still hold onto that phrase because I felt like Beyonce and right at that moment, I knew he was my Hov.  A lil cheesy I know but it’s just one of those things that I keep close to my heart. 

What it’s like working together as a couple?

MARUXA: So far, working together as a team has been easier than working with different people. It’s not as complicated or time consuming cause we sorta complete each other. Reckless makes the beat and takes care of the audio stuff while I do the visuals and the artwork. When we need to work on something really quick, we can get it sorted within a day or two without having to wait for our schedules to sync. It helps really when both parties are very passionate in making music. There are cons to working together but what you need to remember is that you have the same goal so you gotta be on the same page.

Your wife has twerking videos on her IG page, what are your thoughts about that?

RECKLESS: Jay Z is cool with Beyoncé twerking so I’m cool with it, for the most part. Haha!

Do you find twerking hot? If so, why do you think twerking is hot?

MARUXA: We like big booty hoeeessss haha! JK JK . But for real tho, twerking is the kind of work out that every woman needs. It’s a great work out and at the same time, you feel good about yourself. Confidence is key! 

Boi if we had strip clubs here in Malaysia, I’d be making lotta bread just by bouncing this ass HAHA! I used to work as a club promoter and my twerking kept the club managers happy cause people wanted to party and buy bottles at the club when I’m around. No cap, I had a twerk squad who volunteered just for the sake of it and around the same time, a lot of girls started being more brave comin up to the podium and twerking their asses off. They be tellin me to teach them how to twerk. I was the life of the party fr but I don’t think I’m that good! Reckless must have loved it so much tho cause he put a ring on it! 😜

DAHH: Respect and shout out to Reckless and Maruxa for sharing their story. Make sure y’all stay tuned for part II…

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